Since I have been here in Wheatland, about 4 1/2 months ago there have been 7 new families move into our Ward. Which increased the Ward size by 1/3, and the newest one moved in this last week from Arizona and they were baptized on the Sunday before and one of their kids has not been baptized. Then his brother is moving here and his soon to be wife is interested. Had exchanges and brought them up to Wheatland and tracted out a whole town in an afternoon. The town only has 200 people living there. Met quite a few potential investigators and met some inactive members that said we could come back. Found an inactive member whose wife is not a member, so we have some potential there.

Had Zone conference this last week and had it out in a barn on someone’s ranch and baked to death because is was so hot. But the meeting isn’t self was really good. It was all about the Book of Mormon and how we need a testimony of it and that it’s the key to our conversion and it will be to everyone we teach. They challenged us to think about what our life would be without it and what would the world be like.

I would like to share my testimony about the Book of Mormon. I know it to be true and that it is  the word of God, and through it I have come so much closer to my savior. One of the miracle I have received from reading it is that I don’t hate to read anymore, and my knowledge of the gospel has grown so much. I am grateful for all the experiences I have had on my mission and all the lessons I’ve learned.