The first week with my Greenee

This week has been an interesting week, Tuesday I spent part of the day in Riverton doing service. Then me and elder Ma’ake had to drive to Casper to pick up our new greenies, the drive between Riverton and Casper is 2 hours. I have never drive in Casper or been to the other side of Casper so I got lost trying to get to the mall so elder Ma’ake could do some shopping. When got our greenie at 10 that night, so we spent the night in the Hermona’s (Spanish sister missionary) apartment because they are in Fort Collins of the Temple open house. Got back the next day at 10 am. My Greenie is Elder O’Driscoll, he is from cache valley Utah, which it outside of Park city, he is only 4 hours away from home.

This week we have been able to help the Parkers, he needs to get clinic everyday to receive some treatments, so we’ve been helping them out all week because she can’t help him get up or push him around in the wheelchair because she just had a stroke. Had some success going through our old potential investigators list, and setup an appointment to see Scott this next week.

This quote from Elder Holland stuck out to me –

“When you struggle, when you are rejected, when you are spit  upon and  cast  out  and  made a hiss  and  a byword, you are standing  with the best  life this  world  has  ever known, the only  pure and  perfect  life ever lived. You have reason to  stand  tall and  be grateful that  the Living  Son of the Living  God  knows  all about  your sorrows  and  afflictions. The only  way  to  salvation is  through Gethsemane and  on to  Calvary. The only  way  to  eternity  is  through Him—the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

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