Talk on Sunday

Monday the power kept turning off and on, and when we got home the power was out and didn’t come back on till 10 for us and later for other people. Found out later that a transformer caught on fire and they had to get parts from Rock springs, which is a few hours away.

Tuesday we visited Sister Rassmusen, who is having a hard time because she has cancer again. We talked to her about enduring to the end and that God loves us and wants to help us. Had another good visit with Brother Parker.

Wednesday we had zone meeting, so we had to be in Riverton by 8:30, to be in Casper by 11, also the van we ride in to Casper had a ton of flies coming out of the door hinges on the van. In zone meeting we talked about not getting detracted especially by our iPads. In the evening we went on splits with the Elders quorum presidency, I didn’t have any luck, but Elder Gould did. He was able to meet Bonnie who is now a new investigator and hopefully her husband next time we go, also her mom is a less active that lives with them. Bonnie quit smoking in January because she wants to be sealed to her husband.

Thursday we saw the Gibsons, they are awesome older couple. They just keep going even though she can’t get out of bed because of her back pain, but she tries anyway. Finally were able to see the Nelsons, Talked about all The wonderful plant and animal life God has given us, as well as some medical that has happen to the, over the past few weeks.

Friday we didn’t have much luck getting in with our less actives, but we were able to see Sister Dexter. She Is super stressed out because her daughter is graduating on Sunday, but other wise she is doing good.

Saturday was a day of service, helped out at the food bank in the morning with their yard sale and then went to the community garden and helped move things around, then went back to the food bank to help with all donations they got from the USPS.

Sunday I had to give a talk at church, they only gave me 1 days notice. But it was good. This quote was in my talk “one young man wrote me the
following e-mail: “I know God has all power, and I know He will help me if i’m worthy, but i’m just never worthy enough to ask for His help. i want Christ’s grace, but I always find myself stuck in the same self-defeating and impossible position: no work, no grace.” I wrote him back and testified with all my heart that Christ is not waiting at the finish line once we have done “all we can do” (2 nephi 25:23). he is with us every step of the way. Elder Bruce c. Hafen has written, “The Savior’s gift of grace to us is not necessarily limited in time to ‘after’ all we can do. We may receive his grace before, during and after the time when we expend our own efforts” (The Broken Heart [Salt lake city: deseret Book, 1989], 155). so grace is not a booster engine that kicks in once our fuel supply is exhausted. rather, it is our constant energy source. it is not the light at the end of the tunnel but the light that moves us through the tunnel. Grace is not achieved somewhere down the road. it is received right here and right now. it is not a finishing touch; it is the Finisher’s touch (see hebrews 12:2).”

Elder Griffin