Mother’s Day

This week has been busy, we found a new less active to teach. Sister Christensen, she is retired and loves to talk. Which makes it hard to talk about the gospel. The weather has been all over the place, going from upper 70s to low 60 with poring rain and thunderstorms. So much rain the town started to flood, mostly Hudson got flooded. And because of the flooding church was canceled. Got to see the Gibsons, and she has been in and out of many different surgery in the last few months and more to come.

I like this quote Elder Bruce c. Hafen has written,

“The great Mediator asks for our repentance not because we must ‘repay’ him in exchange for his paying our debt to justice, but because repentance initiates a developmental process that, with the Savior’s help, leads us along the path to a saintly character” (The Broken Heart [Salt lake City: Deseret Book, 1989], 149; emphasis in original). Elder dallin H. oaks has said, referring to President spencer W. Kimball’s explanation, “the repenting sinner must suffer for his sins, but this suffering has a different purpose than punishment or payment. its purpose is change” (The Lord’s Way [Salt lake city: deseret Book, 1991], 223; emphasis in original)”

There is more to the atonement then just forgiveness of our short coming, and sins. It’s so we change into a better person and continually grow and make the changes apart of us.

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