A week of rain

For P-day we went up to Riverton to get our car fixed, and also played some ultimate frisbee with the other Elders. Four of us get to go park, and waited around for the other 4 to show up. Our District leader dropped off another set of missionary but then left. After he left a thunderstorm started to down pour on us. There was six of us and one small car, so we went to the kids play structure to get out of the rain and hail. When we called him to pick us up his companion as in the shower, so they could not come and get us. So we ended up calling a member to come and get us, then sat in our wet clothes for the rest of the day because our car was in the shop. Lo and behold my comp got sick, he spent a lot of time sleeping. After Elder Gould felt better, we were out and about walking in the rain and people looked at us funny. The person who showed up at church last Sunday, Misty. We set up an appointment to go see her, and she was not home. Also a less active showed up too, and we talked to Sister Parker who was the one who brought her to church, and we are going to start teaching her this next week.

The mission got an email from Elder Smith (New vehicle coordinator) above it some missionary’s in a car accident, and only coming out with some bruises. –
“That evening Sister Smith and I received a call from a missionary who had been in a serious accident. He and his companion were traveling on the freeway at highway speed, ~55 – 65 mph, when they were struck by another car traveling in the same direction but at between 80 and 90 mph. The other vehicle had lost control and struck the missionaries vehicle in the rear driver’s side door. Both cars became unstable and our missionaries ended up in the median and crashed into a rather solid barrier. The other vehicle while spinning out of control came to rest off of the right side of the freeway. The mission vehicle was essential destroyed, as was the other vehicle. Our missionaries were battered and a little bruised but basically unharmed. There may be yet some attention required but both were in good spirits when I got to see them. When I finally got to see the car I was quite amazed. The damage to the driver’s side of the car was substantial but mostly limited to the rear passenger door. That door was pushed in about eight inches and the reinforcing bars could be plainly seen as an imprint on the door panel with significant structural damage evident. If the impact had been at the front door it would have certainly caused significant injury to the driver. When the car came to rest against the barrier, the front end of the car was pushed in about 10 – 12 inches. The TIWI reported their speed at impact to be about 35-45 mph. The bumper was completely off and all the engine fluids were dripping on the ground. I asked the tow truck driver how often he saw this kind of damage. He said “All too often”. He then commented that the occupants were very lucky. I asked him how so? His reply was “There’s no Blood in there!“ He said that normally when a car is that messed up there is lots of blood.

Dear Elders and Sisters,

Although the Lord does not always shelter us from the problems of the world, it is clear to me that these two dear missionaries were protected by our loving Father and our Savior who love them and were watching over them.”

Elder Griffin