Martins Cove

Monday we went to Martins cove, and helped get out their hand carts for the summer, and they have a ton. After a few hours of moving hand carts, they took us out to Martins cove and gave us a tour. It was probably a bad idea that I went, because by the end of the day i was I quite a bit of pain, but it was fun.

Tuesday I was paying for the day before, but we were finally able to see the Gibsons, who are an older couple and she is house bound. Also had the opportunity to give her a
blessing because she was not doing well.

Wednesday Elder Gould was not doing well, he is losing his voice. But we still went to district meeting, then came home and crashed.

Thursday we tried to visit some people we have not seen in awhile with no success. Did some tracting, and that did not last long. Finally making some progress with Sister Hartwell, she is having trouble forgiving herself, but we’re trying to help her to know that she can.

Friday the other Elders had someone for us to go see in he morning, they were not home. But we did run in to someone who did want to talk to us, we were able to also get a return appointment with them, and that made my day. We were able so see Brother Parker who got out of the hospital the week before, it’s cool to see him as he goes through all these trails and his faith does not waver.

Saturday was not very eventful, but I am staying in Lander with Elder Gould. Elder Gould will be the comp I have for the longest by a week.

Sunday I got this cool story from my trainer, who is now home. But first I will give you some background information, Ashley was a less active in Laramie and she was trying to come back to church and things just keep getting harder and harder for her. Her and her husband were not on good terms but then this happened after I left. Ashley had a miscarriage, and it really shook them both up a lot. Bishop went to give her a blessing in the hospital and talked a lot with Leo about the gospel and plan of salvation and stuff. And I think like the next week we saw him at church! Which was a huge surprise. He started having more questions and wanting to know more and more, so we started teaching him. He slowly, very slowly opened up to us and let the gospel into his heart! He’s rock solid, and right before I left we started teaching a friend of his too.