Ghost Town

Monday we went to Dubios and did a little sight seeing with Brother Stark. Got some pictures on the worlds biggest jackalope. Also Elder Gould left his iPad in Brother Starks car.

Tuesday we had a good visit with Brother Parker, who can’t leave his house, so we go see him every so often. He had some other family visiting and had a really good gospel discussion with them. Got a potential from tracting, otherwise not much else happened.

Wednesday we drove an hour to Jeffery city to see what it was, and it’s a complete ghost town. The town and all the buildings are boarded up and the streets over run by grass and no one of miles. That is what it looked like (see pics below). Came home and did some tracting and got a return appointment to see someone. Then had to run to Riverton to get Elder Gould’s iPad and then run back to the church in Lander for a meeting with our ward mission leader. We almost drove 200 miles that day.

Thursday we ran into a less active we have not seen in a while and were able to see how she was doing and set a time to go see her. Did a little tracting, but the snow started to come down really good in the afternoon, it was coming down so fast that you couldn’t see and it was getting into my ears.

Friday we were supposed to have Zone conference but it was canceled due to weather conditions, it snowed most of the morning but by the afternoon it had all melted. Did some tracting and got a return appointment for next week. Our appointment with James fell through, he was not home. Went out to Hutson to meet Sister Dexter and had a good time talking to her, she knows that she needs to come to church but she doesn’t.

Saturday we spent majority of our day tracting, and we ran into this guy who is a Minister for his own church, and we shared our basic beliefs with him and it slowly turned into an argument. Before it started to get out of hand we decided to end the lesson with him, because arguing gets no one anywhere. As we were walking home to have dinner because we didn’t have one, a guy pulled over and gave us money for dinner, and he was also the guy we were looking for to get some information about some meetings.

Sunday we were asked that if the speaker for sacrament meeting was a little short, that we would be willing to speak. In the end the speaker spoke for a whole hour, so we didn’t have to speak. Over all it was a god day, we were able to meet some new people who have been gone for a while. I know that as we try our best that God will bless us, and let us know that He is still there and cares about us.