Lander Wyoming

I am in lander Wyoming and it’s a half hour from Riverton in the middle of nowhere! The town is about 7,000 people and there are two sets of
missionary’s that are here. We are also the only missionaries in Riverton that don’t cover a part of a reservation. This week has been busy, it’s been really nice out so we have done a lot of tracting, and got a new investigator. James, he seems interested in learning more and he is very nice, and we think we have seen him somewhere in town before. We shared the restoration with him and he asked a lot of questions and seemed interested.

One day this week we didn’t have much planned for the day so we decided to go out to Atlantic city, which is southeast of Lander by 40 mins. We get there and the sign says population about 57 and we only meet 2 people. One guy we meet has taken the he lessons before but was not interested, but he was very nice and we talked to him for a while. There are a few less-actives we see and we just started teaching them the lessons so they will see how the gospel can bless there lives and how important it is. My new comp is Elder Gould, and he is from Washington and has been out for 11 months and he is very funny.

Elder Griffin