Lost but found

Monday was a fun day of playing games with some other Elders. We had so much fun it lasted a lot longer then we planned.

Tuesday we had a good time at the Our Center, and we found out that the Longmont dairy gives them milk in glass bottles. But they can’t hand them out because people won’t bring them back. But we will bring them back, so now we get milk straight from the farm and there is a lot. Had a good lesson with Jayden, and taught her the 10 commandments. Sister Wood from our ward had a really cool way of teaching the 10 commandments using your fingers to remember them.

Wednesday we did our weekly planning, and with the help of our ward clerk we track down about 15 different
people in our ward. They did not live at those addresses anymore. So that took a long time, but we have addresses of where they actually live now. Brother Russell canceled again, hopefully we will be able to meet with him soon.

Thursday we had interviews with our mission President. Later that night he saw us biking around with our helmets and lights on our bikes and he pulled over and was really happy we were being safe, then gave us money for lunch. We went out with a member and were able to find some people and got a referral for the Sister missionaries.

Friday was zone meeting and we played jeopardy. It was about how do I recognize and understand the spirit, and it was really good, it made us pay attention more to what we were reading. Then spent part of the afternoon helping the Bonds paint their house, because they just bought a new house and the colors of the walls are really bad. Tried to find some people but no luck.

Saturday we helped the Bonds move, and that took a while. A lot of people came to helped, and that was nice because they had a lot of stuff. After words we went to the church to fill up the fount for 2 baptisms. One was an 8-year-old in our ward and the other was a convert in the Ute Creek Ward. Also the lady that got baptized wanted the Elders to teach her son. So we will start teaching them soon.

Sunday was a long day. We got a new ward mission leader and he is ready to hit the ground running and really get the ward involved in doing missionary work. Went out with Clark Roylance (he is 18), and helped Sister Galaz with moving some furniture. We disconnected all the cable running to the TV too fast and when we had to put it back together we didn’t know how too. But we did figure it out. Then we went back to his house because his Dad is our new ward mission leader and had a meeting with him.

Elder Griffin