We all have bad days

Monday was an interesting day, all the other missionary’s were busy so we could not get a ride anywhere. But we did find someone to take us to the store and then drop us off at the church. While at the church our phone died so we could not call anyone to come get us, then Elder Childress iPad died and mine was about to. But we were able to get a hold of our zone leaders before my iPad died. Then we got home just in time to change and bike over to dinner.

Tuesday was a a nice day for biking. Had a good time at the “our center”, as I was taking food in the walk-in freezers, and it felt oddly familiar, like I was back at the fair. Then did some more service by removing ice from the roads for that same lady from awhile ago. Had a really good lesson with Jayden, we had Brother Bade (the members we live with) and Sister Wood (she is in the primary presidency). We taught her the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the importance of baptism and the Holy Ghost and Sister Wood had some good examples to help Jayden to understand. It was good that Brother Bade came because we both left our keys in the house and we could not get back in. After the lesson I had the opportunity to give my first blessing to Brother Bond our ward mission leader and he is moving in a week.

Wednesday we had to bike to district meeting so we were a little late, but it was good. We had our appointment with the Russell’s but Holly was not doing well. Tried contacting people throughout the day but had no luck.

Thursday Elder Childress had a headache, which happens quite often because he had a lot of concussions playing football. Once he felt better we tried to find some less-actives. Then went on splits but one of them could not come, but we had someone to give us a ride to a few places. Met this one guy, who said we could come back and invited him to play basketball on Saturday mornings. Had dinner with the Allen family, who is sadly moving soon, but they did invite a friend to dinner. His name is Fish (that is what everyone calls him) and now he is a potential person to teach.

Friday was an interesting day we went on exchanges with the District leader, and I ended up with his comp Elder Arnold. Went out to dinner with the Littlejohns which is always interesting. Then did some biking, we were able to meet one of our less actives and he was sick so we are going back another time.

Saturday was just a really bad day, except for Sister Gonzalez farewell party. Sunday was a long day. Had meetings for a good part of the morning, but it was nice to come out and feel appreciated for our hard work. Had a really good time at church, it was Sister Gonzalez farewell talk which was really awesome. Then her Mom spoke about a change of heart, and how her son who is severely mentally handicapped and how that has effected her life. I like this quote from John Bytheway – “Faith is not willing your hope into reality but finding out what Gods will is and being ok with it.”