What a Week

Monday it snowed all day long but only dropped a few inches, but we were able to get everything that we needed done. We had no dinner but the Earnest were able to feed us, they just got back in town and took us out to Chick-fil-A.

Tuesday when I got up there was about a foot and a half of snow on the ground, also it was a no drive day for the mission, so we couldn’t get rides from other missionaries. Spent most of the day shoveling snow, went to this member who needed us to see if they needed their driveway shoveled but it was already done so on the way back we shoveled every driveway that was not done yet. People tried offering us money but of course we didn’t take it. Also helped this elderly Lady in our ward who lives on some property, and when we got there we saw her fall from her dog pulling her over. It was a miracle that we were there otherwise she could not have gotten up. Then somehow the dogs leash got off my wrist. Ended up chasing it for about half a mile in a foot of snow. But it was the best day at café Rio because there was no line and I got 1 1/2 punch cards filled out. Then our dinner at the Henrie’s picked us up in his jeep so we had some fun, but the best part is when we got his jeep stuck in a 7 foot pile of snow in the church parking lot after driving over them. It took 4 missionary’s after 10 minutes to get the jeep unstuck. Then we went to a lesson with Brother Wood to teach Jayden who is 8 with ADHD, and she was having a bad day so it took her a long time to come join us but she did. Started to see what she knows and she told us about the tree of life, so we started with a little bit of the plan of salvation.

Wednesday we did service at the our center because is was closed on Tuesday from the snow. Then because we were doing service we were late to district meeting. Afterwards we had more service at the humane society, so there was some changing into our suits and back.

Thursday was Elder Childress birthday, and he doesn’t like cake so I didn’t make one. Tried to set up an appointment with Donald but had no luck.
Went on splits and had no luck with being able to meet some people.

Friday We were in the middle of dinner with the Alred family around 6:30 our investigator Donald’s wife called and said that they would have dinner ready for us around 5:30. We were a little confused but also felt bad that they did that for us and we will not be able to make it. Then we had a lesson with Jayden and we had some cutouts of the plan of salvation and had one for her, and went through a simple version with her a few times. Then had her go through it with the help of her friends. Also spent part of the day cleaning and packing because we move out tomorrow. It’s super annoying that we can’t ride our bikes around because of the snow.

Saturday we had to move, and had to do a lot more cleaning and packing, there was quite a mess made by the last Elders. Our new place is much bigger and now we live with the Bade’s.

Sunday was a really good day, Jayden got up in church today by herself and bore her testimony about how she knows the Book of Mormon is true. I was so excited when I saw here up there then when she bore her testimony it brought so much joy for me to know that she is learning and growing in the gospel as a 8 year old. It is just amazing how simple the gospel can be, and how as we grow it also grows more complex and we continue to learn no matter where we are. Then during the Super bowl, we went on splits with the Spanish Elders because they had 2 appointments they needed to go to. I had one of the most spiritual lessons and I don’t even speak Spanish, I got bits and pieces but just going off to the article we were sharing and the spirit. As Elder Segovia was translating to me the spirit was so powerful, and I had no idea what they were talking about for most of it. I could tell that that was what she needed to hear. The Holy Ghost is not bound by language because it knows the language of the heart. Since Denver won the Super there were riots it the streets and fireworks going off and it smelled like pot really strongly outside.

Elder Griffin