Why does it have to snow?

Monday, was an interesting day. President Brown picked us up at 9am to go to Cheyenne because Elder Childress (my companion) had to go to the military base to renew his ID. Since Pres. Brown picked us up at 9am we had companion study with him and that was really good. Learned a lot from Pres Brown, mostly how to best help Brother Ross who is one of our investigators. By getting some scriptures that will best help him overcome his hang up about the Book of Mormon. Did some hiking at the base of the mountains, and it was a lot of fun.

Tuesday, we did lots of service. Did some at the Our (Longmont) center and the Longmont Humane Society. While we were at the humane society the Spanish Elders had to translate for this lady who could not speak English. In the end they had to put her dog down. We had dinner also with the Spanish Elders because it is our wards turn to feed them.

Wednesday, was an interesting day. Had my fist district meeting in this new area. Then after district meeting we went to the humane society again to help out. We tried contacting some more people, but no luck.

Thursday, Elder Childress was sick so we stayed home all day.

Friday, we were able to help our investigator Donald move some mattresses, and in the process of doing that Elder Childress broke their chandelier. Then afterwards we helped the Zone Leaders remove some ice from out in front of their investigators house. The ice is so thick and dense we had to use a pick axe to break it up. We tried to meet some more people and just got yelled at. Had dinner with the Ramirez family and they don’t speak any English, so it was the most awkward dinner I have been too.

Saturday, we worked more on the ice for the zone leaders for a few hours, and as we were doing it people started asking if we could do it in front of their homes too. Some lady was so impressed that she took a picture of us and we might end up in the newspaper. Afterwards we tried tracking down some people, and got yelled at. But now we have about 20 different people who need to be moved out of the ward. It also started snowing during dinner, and now we can’t bike for a while.

Sunday, we had a good meeting with the ward mission leader and ward missionaries. Received lots of good info. Also got the ball rolling for splits to start this next week, and that should be really good. A lot of the stakes are starting to empathize family history because of the Fort Collins Temple is supposed to be done sometime this coming summer.

Elder Austin Griffin