Monday was a crazy day, trying to get all my stuff packed and trying to see some other Elders. It my not sound like much but it kept me busy all day. Had dinner with the Dimings, just the two kids they were busy. But I did get a photo with them later that night.

Tuesday was a crazy day, as a zone we had to meet at 7 at the stake center. Then I drove up to Longmont with Elder Westrup, then had to wait for my companion to show up. Then We ended up in a tri-companionship with Elder Arnold and had to help him get ready to move, and had him with us to later that day when him comp showed up. Did 2 hours of service at a food bank in their too. After Elder Arnold comp showed up we went to dinner, and got a list of people we can go out with. Then spent the rest of the time after that digging up 8 inches of ice out of the middle of the road where we live, so people can get in and out with out bottoming there cars out. Also I’m on bike now!

Wednesday was a long day, we had the world wide missionary broadcast to 10. It was really good, a lot of it was about how to best help the missionary
work progress, and to get ward members to help. Got some dates setup to go on splits with the Elders quorum and High Priests. Went to Lyons to help with a missionary activity they were having. We went out with two deacons and their Bishop and taught the restoration to a less active, and it was really cool to watch them teach.

Thursday we did some service at the Hope center and that was a lot of fun. The lady we were working with is an inactive member and there were 3 sets of missionary’s asking why. Then went around and visited some people, one was an inactive who we just went by to see what’s up with him, and he
has just not gone in a while. Had café Rio for the 3rd time this week for dinner. Had a lesson with Ross who is an investigator, addressed some of his concerns, and talked about what he read in Moroni 10.

Friday we did more service and helped remove some ice from a road. Then biked to dinner then had to bike somewhere else to eat because they could not feed us. Then had to go home because we can’t bike at night for safety reasons.

Saturday was an interesting day, we visited a lot a people and did it on bike. We biked about 15 miles today, and for me that would not be possible without my prayers being answered. Also my face decided to make contact with the sidewalk, and ruined a pair of pants. We went to the Crockers house and he said come back when my wife is home, so we did and she ignored us and did not answer the door. But for dinner we had some really good Authentic Mexican food at the Gonzalez house. Their daughter leaves soon to go on a mission, and shared with her some tips to be ready.

Sunday was a good day, I had a lot of people ask me about my face and what happened to it. No one came to Gospel Principles, so we joined the youth, and it was kind of sad to see how the youth were glued to their phones. They ended up missing a great lesson on why we need scriptures today in this day and age. We need them because of all the distractions that exist in the world today, and it’s hard to stay on the straight narrow.

Elder Griffin

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