Car Problems

Monday was a fun day, played some games with Jay and some other Elders. Sister Diming didn’t mind if we hanged out with Jay upstairs because she wants him to spend time with us and to go on a mission.

Tuesday was a good day, I got to teach seminary where the seminary room is right next to where we live in the basement of the Dimings house. It was nice that they were all awake and participating. We talked about King Saul and his downfall for not obeying the Lord. Then that night we went to a priest activity and had some ward members talk about their missions. although we didn’t have a chance to speak but at least we were able to be there and invite the spirit of missionary work. Also went on exchanges with Elder Earl, and spent most of the day trying to visit less-actives. We were able to to meet one , and she said that right now is not the right time to meet with the missionaries but she might go to church for her kids.

Wednesday was a good and bad day, we were able to meet a less-active family and set up an appointment To return. Then we had an appointment with a lady who we tracted into two weeks ago, but she was not home so we will have to go back another day. Helped the Dimings move a couch into their house, and it was an odd shape. But we did get it in.

Thursday was a good day. I went on exchanges with Elder Westrup. That was really good, did some following up on some past commitments. Visited a guy named Ralph Jean, who had a long music career, and had a good conversation about how faith can help overcome trials and come closer to Jesus Christ.

Friday not much happened besides our check engine light came on again. Tried contacting some people, but no one was home or answered. But had a good dinner with the Adams family, they were babysitting so there were a ton of Kids running around. But they did Listen when we taught the lesson.

Saturday was a sad day, we spent all day at the car shop, and our car has a broken camshaft and air intake manifold. So we are getting a new car on Tuesday. I also found out I’m getting transferred to Union ward in Longmont. Also I will be on bike now.

Sunday was a good day, it was nice to go to church and say goodbye. Had a good dinner at the Washburns, they are a really fun family with lots of kids. Then that night we finally met with the ward mission leader, and it was nice to know that we repaired the relationship with the ward and all of this work we did had something come out of it.

Elder Griffin



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