The work is slow, but growing.

Monday was a fun day, we played games with some other Elders and with Jay who is a part of the family we live with.

Tuesday was an interesting day, we had to take our car in again. There was a problem with the wiring to the radiator, hopefully we will get a new car soon, it’s hit its 45000 miles. That took most of the day, but we were able to contact a less active, but they were not interested.

Wednesday much did not happen, tried to meet more less actives but no one was home. Plus we were on our own for dinner.

Thursday was a good day, had a good district meeting about how to best help people come closer to Christ and that is accomplished by just loving everyone because Christ made the ultimate sacrifice out of love. Had an appointment with one of our new investigators but they were not home, but the construction worker that was there said they were expecting us but won’t be back till later. So we came back later and said to come back because they were still sick.

Friday we got a lot of snow over night, and didn’t dare go out on the slick roads. But did shovel some side walks.

Saturday was a good day, had no luck trying to meet some new people, but dinner was lots of fun. The Riehl family had collected about 10 Christmas trees and we burned them. There was about 30 other ward members there and it really cold, but we had a nice fire to keep us warm. Then on the way
home the fog was thick, we had about 5 feet of visibility.

Sunday was a good day, I liked this from a talk in Sacrament meeting. The Holy Ghost is like the clip on a bike so your feet stay attach to the peddles. With out the Holy Ghost we can make our way through life but sometimes we slip off and we are not using all the muscles we have. But with the clip we are using all of your muscles, and we will not slip off. Sadly when we went to our appointment with our new investigator, she was not home, but we will try again. The work is slow for the whole mission, but the work has been slowly increasing throughout the entire mission. Last month we got more baptisms in one month than in past years. There is work to do, but here in Erie we just need to find those who are ready in the lords time.

Elder Griffin