Finding Blitz

Monday not much happened.

Tuesday was a good day got to see two of our investigators Lee and Kyle. We set up a future appointment, and with Lee we had an interesting lesson with. We talked about a lot of different things but he did want to feed us this Friday which happens to be our only open day we have had so far. Had café Rio for dinner; the Adams family who we had dinner with, he works near one which is outside of our mission. They just moved here, they have been here two weeks longer then I have.

Wednesday we helped move refrigerators for a member who just moved. Had dinner with the Peterson family, and they have 5 young kids, so it was crazy at their house. Tried to contact some less actives but no luck. But because we helped move refrigerators, we have a member that will go with us to lessons.

Thursday was a good day, had a really good district meeting about what motivates us to go out and find people to teach. For me it’s just so cool how when you do find someone who wants the gospel in their life, and how they just take to it. To see them to want to change and learn more. Meet some former investigators finally. At dinner I decided that we would try something new, talked with the Riehl family about how they can help us find people to teach. Then prayed with them about were we should go tracting tomorrow, and we have a street to go to.

Friday we went tracting on that street and found someone who is interested in learning more about the gospel, and the neighbors to the Roylance
family liked the video that they gave them. Had dinner with our investigator Lee and that was good, hopefully he will come to church Sunday.

Saturday was a really good day, we went on a finding blitz with the ZL’s. We got one new investigator and 4 potential’s. I was with Elder Farnes, and we taught the restoration on the door step of Michele. She does not have much religious background, so when we were teaching her she just soaked it up and wants to know more.

Sunday was an interesting day at church, the fire alarm went off in the middle of sacrament meeting, it was a mechanical error with the fire alarm system.  But we still got to teach some youth about how to recognize the Holy Ghost in their life, and that was a lot of fun. Had dinner with the bishop and that was good, talked about how to best get the ward involved in missionary work. Sister Diming, the people we live with, she fell the other day and we gave her a blessing because she has a mild concussion.

Elder Griffin