This week was a crazy week, with Christmas and me getting sick the day after.

Monday we had a lot to get done, but somehow we pulled it off and had time to spare.

Tuesday we spent most of the day contacting less-actives, and finally had some success and planing to come by next week. Had a really good lesson with the Terry family, they are semi-active and we shared a great Christmas video with them about why we need a savior and how important the Christ is in our lives.

Wednesday we tried former investigators and had no luck contacting them. The work is slow but it’s starting to pick up.

Thursday after we had dinner with the Roylance family who just moved into the ward, we went caroling with them because they wanted to meet their neighbors. Also had a really good zone meeting and discussion on how charity really helps bring joy into other people’s lives.

Friday was a fantastic day, got to Skype with my family. Spent part of the day at the Bishops house and had dinner with the Robinson family. Afterwards we went caroling in Bolder on Pearl street, which is an outdoor mall. There were some people there and some asked if we were part of a choir, it was lots of fun.

Saturday I was sick, when I got up in the morning I could not speak, so when I went back to bed I hoped my companion got the right idea.

Sunday went to church then came home and went to sleep again.

Elder Griffin

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