Snow, and two wheel drive

Monday was a good day, got to play some soccer, and board games. I think I Finally know how to somewhat get around town now. Elder Sodenkamp got a job offer from a family up in Estes park for right when he gets off his mission in March, and it’s a really sweet deal he got. Other wise nothing else exciting happened.

Tuesday we got snowed in, our car was under a foot of snow and we have a small two wheel drive car. Spent the day getting to know the family we live with and shoveling walkways around the property multiple times. We live on a small ranch, so there is a good amount of walkways to shovel. I also had pheasant for dinner.

Wednesday we did not get much done because of the snow. But once the snow melted enough, we were able to dig our car out and able to drive around. We saw Lee, and were able to talk through why he has not come to church, and hopefully were able to help him with some of the reasons why he does not come.

Thursday was our Christmas zone conference, had to be there early to setup. So it was a long day but it was really good, talked about how Christmas is the best time to share a message about Christ because more people are receptive of it. Our rule on music has been changed back to what the white handbook says. I got a lot out of it, plus the it only felt like an hour long. But it is hard to put what I learned into wards.

Friday we had to get our car fixed, so that took a good part of our day. Tried to visit some less actives but they were not home. I am starting to figure out who people are, and getting people’s names down.

Saturday we had choir practice because Elder Sodenkamp is singing in the Christmas program on Sunday. We did some service at a nativity/open house for members and nonmember at the church, and was able to talk to a lot of people.

Sunday was a good day, we had a really good Christmas program with lots of music. Spent most of the day trying to find less actives, and were able to share a quick Christmas message with the Deter family. They seem very receptive.

Elder Griffin