Transfers :(

Monday was a nice relaxing day, didn’t do anything to exciting for P-day. Went to the other Dorys for dinner and they live about 10 minutes out of town. I like them a lot, they are very nice and they live on a ranch and do all that fun stuff. Had a brief lesson with Ashley Rayos, she has some pretty crazy kids. It was really funny when she had her 4 year old son say the closing prayer, she helped him start and he goes closing prayer is closed amen.

Tuesday was a good day, helped sister Capps who is a recent convert prepare for her lesson. It’s really cool to help her learn more about the gospel outside of the normal missionary lessons. Our former investigators the Eastsons, who dropped off the face of the planet because they had some bad stuff happen to them, called us asking for help to move. So we were like heck yeah we will help you move, they seem to be doing much better now. And hopefully want to continue to learn more about the gospel.

Wednesday was a really good day, got to see the Millers after a month. It was awesome, because her new calling as a primary teacher was an answer to her prayers. It forces her to read her scriptures, and now she knows the direction she wants to go in her life.

Thursday was a good day, finished our exchange. I learned a lot from Elder G, and I like him a lot, he is very goofy and funny. Took some of our study time today to learn from Brother Reynolds how to become better teachers. The best way to teach someone is through inductive teaching, and how most of us teach deductively which makes it a lot harder to figure out what you are trying to teach them.

Friday we had Elder Muir with us because his companion went to the temple because he is going home. So today we had two wards to cover and appointment for both. Went to the care center and played bingo, lots of fun to talk with the elderly.

Saturday was a sad day, I am being transferred to Cole Creek in the Colorado Boulder stake, about as far south was you can go. But Elder Farnes who is my zone leader in Laramie, is also being transferred to the Boulder stake as a ZL. Sang a solo at grandmas house because it is my last time there, and Elder Proffit is training for his last transfer.

Sunday was a good day, I bore my testimony in sacrament meeting. The second councilor of the bishopric was released. Spent most of my day seeing people before I left. He’d a good dinner with the Egbert family, they are an interesting family. But know a lot about the gospel and had a really good lesson with them.



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