To much food, and too cold…

Monday we played dodgeball, and it was lots of fun but the balls were deflated. We had another lesson with Darby and we broke the news to her that she was in the wrong ward and that she was actually supposed to go to a different ward with a different set of missionaries. But she looked so sad, and she said that she really liked this ward, But she will try the other ward. Also her grandparents want to come down here and baptize her, so we at least will be able to go to her baptism if she switches wards.

Tuesday was a good day, we had dinner with the Waltons for the first time because they just finished their house not that long ago. Had a lesson with the Olavason, and that went really well.

Wednesday we taught Darby again, but sadly I didn’t get to go because Elder Proffit took Elder Neilson so she could meet the other Elders. But from what I heard was that it went really well, but she read the wrong thing but they just rolled with it.

Thursday I found a new level of -3 with the wind, but luckily I spent most of the day inside eating. The Doays family was really nice, they called all the missionary’s families and asked for their favorite food for Thanksgiving. Then they made it all and more, there are 7 sets of missionary’s in Laramie so they had at least 14 different sides to go with the standard turkey, mashed potato, and stuffing. That was lunch then we went to Present Dory house for dinner, it was nice to see them because their son has brain cancer and is being treated of it so they are never home because they have to go all the way to Denver for treatment. It’s really cool to see how strong that Dory family is and the blessings that they have received as they go through a really hard time. Plus their son is only 16 and to see him at church every Sunday with a smile on his face.

Friday we had no lessons, a lot of people left for thanksgiving. Spent most of the day wandering around in an empty town.

Saturday we got two new investigators Tara and Chris, they are friends of the Stricklands so they know much about the church. As he put it He likes what the church stands for and beliefs, but he is
lacking in the faith department.

Sunday was a bad day not to wear underarmor because about 7 I turned into a human popsicle. It was also an interesting mix of people at church, lots of people gone and people just stopping as they are driving through. Since we were cold we used it as a excuse to got into people’s homes, and it turned out really good. Sometimes it was a quick discussion about the gospel, but we were able to share something