Monday it snowed a lot in the afternoon and we had a winter storm advisory. All freeways out of town were shutdown, and as we were coming home it was raining ice. We had dinner with the Stricklands, and thier 9 year old daughter had a melt down so we did not get much teaching done.

Tuesday was an ok day, all our appointments fell through, no one was home, and no one responded back to our texts. But we did got a call from the AP’s, and apparently if you have a really good week they call you and ask about what you where doing and how you had such a good week. We also had dinner at the national guard armory, because brother Mickelson had to work and “supervise” the construction crew to put the new vault door on. Also Elder Proffit left his iPad in the armory, and you can’t just walk into the building, but we did get it back later that night. We also did a random act of service, by helping some guy push his broken down truck out of the middle of the road.

Wednesday was supposed to be a nice day according to our weather app, then about 2 we get hit with a blizzard and drops to just above 20 degrees. And once the sun went down everything froze, and with wind chill it feels like it’s in the single digits, but we did get a new investigator. Darby was
lead to come to church by the Holy Ghost, but she didn’t know it. So we helped her understand what the Holy Ghost is. She has no religious background so when we went into the first lesson, we blew her mind. Then at the end she asked us when can she be baptized.

Thursday was not to bad of a day, we tried to visit some people in the ward who we didn’t know, and nobody was home. The freeway was shutdown all day, and I’ve never seen so many semi trucks in my life. They were parked everywhere, they turned two lane roads into really small one way.

Friday it snowed all day long, so there’s about 4 inches of snow on the ground. But we did have a good lesson with Darby, we gave her the plan of salvation pamphlet at the lesson before. So when we started the lesson she said that she read it and that she loved it, and said that she knows the Book of Mormon was true. I just exploded on the inside with joy and happiness, there are people who are truly prepared to hear the gospel. It’s really cool that she is like a little kid when we teach her, it’s all new to her but yet she has so much faith and just wants more and is so excited.

Saturday I woke up with a really bad headache, so we didn’t get much done in the morning. Visited with the Sages, they are doing well and he has completely turned his life around. Our dinner appointment was sick, so they just ordered us a pizza, and that was the 3rd time this week. It’s a good thing I like pizza because I have been eating it for breakfast and lunch for a few days.

Sunday was a really good day, one of the speaker in sacrament meeting was Brother Lake who works for the university and is a professor of cows. He told us a story about when he worked in a slaughter house and a 1500 lb. cow fell on him and he nearly died. And how afterwords how gratefull
and happy his life was from being so gratefull, and if we are gratefull for all the blessings on our life and try to find the blessings in our life. How much happier we and how much better life just goes. We then went out with Brother Davison delivering cookies, as an excuse to stop by some peoples houses to see how they are doing. So Darby lives about 500 feet out side of our ward, and we have to turn her over to overland trail which is Elder Wangsgard and Neilson, and I’m so sad that we have to because she is so prepared, and ready. But as we were out with brother Davidson some guy chased us down and wanted a Book of Mormon and wants to meet with us really badly.

Love Elder Griffin

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