Monday was a really good day, we got 3 new investigators with the McCrary family, the wife is a less active member. The husband and two daughters are our new investigators, they seem really receptive and the husband says he wants nothing to do with the church but he was really thinking hard about what we were saying. Also we went to this really cool place called Bart’s and it has the most random things ever and it’s a huge store.

Tuesday was an OK day, we only had one lesson and that was with the Rayos family. Talked to them about the family proclamation and about how to be closer as a family. We were able to at least say hi to some less actives.

Wednesday was good, we have the most hot and cold investigator ever. Last week she said that she didn’t want to see us again. But today we stopped by to say hi, and she was like “we got to meet and soon”. I was so baffled by this really random change. Most of our appointments canceled but we set up different times to see them, which is always good.

Thursday was trainers meeting down in Windsor Colorado, it’s about a 1 1/2 hour drive. But there was ice on the roads so it took a little longer, plus we took another set of Elders. Elder Parkinson and Sieber, and their meeting was after ours so we were down there all day. Raced home as fast as the tiwi wouldlet us; the tiwi is for keeping track of our driving, but only things that are outside normal driving and only lets us go 5 over the speed limit. And there are places around here where the speed limit goes from 50 to 25, and we always get yelled at by the tiwi, or that everyone drives 15 over on the freeway. Then both of our appointments canceled after we just go back in town.

Friday only half of our appointments canceled on us, my favorite was when we got out of the car to go to our appointment we got a text from them saying that they were out of town. But we did have a really good lesson with the Olavason, they are keeping all the commitments we give them and now they are really wanting to learn more.

Saturday we were able to see the Stricklands, and hopefully their friends will be there on Monday when we have dinner with them. We had dinner with Farrelly, and he is from Portland, he worked in the trauma department at a hospital. He did not say which, and the police department in Hillsboro, so he had quite the story’s of things that happened to him.

It was a good Sunday, we had a full gospel principles class. Plus today was the primary program, and it’s always the best Sunday out of the whole year. We met with Jeremy, and he got his call that in about 2 weeks they will have a bed for him in rehab. He shared with us how hard its been for him to stay clean and what he’s gone through, and it’s just heart breaking. This will be good for him because he wants to truly change so he can be with his family and put his life back together. All in all it was a good week, got 4 new investigators, and at least one less active or recent convert lesson every day. I think I’m getting use to the cold, it will be 32 out if there is no wind and I will be fine in my white shirt and slacks. But there’s usually wind and it freezes you to the bone.