Winter is Here!

Monday was not to exciting, but we did go to a new store called Hastings. It is a nerd store, they have comic books, movies and video games – Lots of selections, and cool stuff. Our new investigator rejected us after she found out that we were “Mormon” and heard some stories. Finally got in with a less active and we will start teaching her more in depth lessons.

Tuesday much did not happen, but we did go on exchanges. I was in my ward with Elder Nielson, so i got to drive. Tried to see different people throughout the day but nobody was home. After we had dinner at the Mickelson, Elder Nielson was like dang that’s a crazy family but they are fun. I wish we had a family like that in our ward. Then had my first real lesson with out Elder Proffit and it went really well and all the Rayos kids participated and were interested.

Wednesday it really started to snow in the evening, and it’s getting really cool. We had zone meeting, and it was really good. It was about obedience, and the blessing that come from it. I love the
talk they shared by Jeffery R Holland, about missionary work and why it’s so hard. The gist of the talk was Salvation does not come easy, it was not easy for Jesus why would it be easy for us?

Thursday was an ok day, all our lessons canceled on us. But we were able to reschedule most of them. Helped Sister Kelly pack her trailer, because she is moving. I’m sad that she is, she is very nice and always had us over for dinner.

Friday was so cold, especially with the wind and the random snow that comes down. Good thing today was weekly planing so we got to be in a warm church for a while. Tommy canceled on us again, hopefully we can see him tomorrow. Saw Sister Logan, she is so nice and can just talk for hours if we would let her.

Saturday we finally got to meet up with Jeramy, but he wont be around for long because he is going to rehab. Our goal is to help him be prepared and keep his life on track. Did some tracting because it warmed up to the low 40’s in the sun. Helped Sister Capps with her lesson, it was really funny. Her lesson is on the gathering of Israel, and since she is a recent convert she thought literal gathering and was hoping she didn’t have to move to Israel.

Sunday Church was good, got to help pass the sacrament. Our biggest appointment today was not home, which was disappointing because we got a member to go with us last minute. One of the new things we have been doing is finding blitz, we go out with the other Elders in our district swap companions and tract out an area. Me and Elder Wangsgard (love this guy) found some nice people and a less active that might come to church. Had a good lesson with the Stricklands, and now we just need their friends to come too.

Elder Griffin

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