image1 I am not being transferred, I will be here at least until December 8. It’s been getting cold out, one night it hit 25, but during the day it’s in the 40 or 50. There is some snow on the mountains, and they are at 8000 ft and we are at 7000 ft so It will start snowing soon. We didn’t do much on P-day but I got everything I need to make waffles. Did a little cleaning because tomorrow is apt check, and that’s all we did.  We met a new family in the ward, and had dinner with them and it was really good. Set up some stuff for the rest of the week and met a member who is inactive. Plus nobody knows who she is. Wednesday was not to eventful, meet with sister Capps, and had district meeting. That is always fun as usual, and we all learned lots. Most of our appointments canceled on us and mutual was tonight so most people were not home. So we went to the church to see some people, and watched the face to face with the piano guys. That was really good; long day and really tired.

Cool thing that happened today was we found a checkbook in the bathroom so we called the number on it. But the checkbook did not belong to him but Elder Grossarth set up an appointment to meet with him and to share the gospel. Thursday was not to bad of a day, started off slow but picked up. Elder Proffit left his bag at overland trails apt so we had to go get it and was there of a 1/2 hour. The ZL’S were sick so we brought them food, and went to see how they are doing. Had dinner with the Davidsons and then went out with him, and got a lot done. Jeramy did not show up for his lesson at the church, but Bishop asked us to go give this guy at the hospital something and to meet him. That went well and we got his number and address so we can meet with him later. We then met Bother Sage and we going back tomorrow to help him out with some stuff. Then we met with Sister Thomas, who just moved in. We taught her the restoration and got to know her some more.

Friday was weekly planning, and while we were at the church someone asked of we could help them move an organ, so we did. We went and saw Tommy, and read the Book of Mormon with him. Had dinner with the Reynolds, and that’s always a good time and we always learn something new. We learned why the angel Moroni faces the east, that’s because that was where Adam and Eve were cast out. From the east of the garden, so Moroni is
calling us back into Gods presence from where they were cast out. We where sent to go see the Stricklands but they had to leave because one of their
friends went into labor. Saturday we went out to see the Elmores, and they live a half hour out of town so they took up a good chunk of our day. They are a very nice family, he runs a ranch so he is always super busy. But they are moving this next weekend to Kansas, so we are going by next weekend to help them pack. Later in the day we went on splits with the ZL’s and tracted an apartment complex and got a new investigator, his name is Joey and he is really interested in learning more about the gospel. We had dinner with the Myers and they are always a fun family to go see because they have a lot of young kids. Then went to grandmas house, and found out who is getting transferred. Elder Swann is going to Cheyenne and is being replaced by a Greeny.  Elder Asplund is going to Boulder and being replaced by Elder Nielson, who I do not know. Sunday there was no PCE so we did not have to get up early. We get to church and the Bishop goes to turn on the lights and they did not go on. Flipped the breaker a few times and they did not go on, reminder – the church building was built in the 70’s. Eventually some of the lights turn on, but not much. Then Bishop says that sacrament meeting is not suppose to be romantic, and after banging on the breaker a few times the lights turn on. Met with a less active sister that I found the day before, sister Logan is vary nice and likes to talk a lot. Had dinner with the Sanders, and they are a big family. And had antelope steak for the first time, antelope is not that bad just a little more chewy then normal.