On Monday we went to Cheyenne to get our tire and they said that they were behind 3 hours, so we had to wait around. Then on the way back we stopped at a national park, and just parked and said lets climb that mountain of rocks, so we did and it was lots of fun. Got home in time to change to go to the Mickelson’s for dinner. They are a crazy family and lots of fun. Afterward we helped Brother Mickelson with cutting some carpet.

On Tuesday I went logging with Elder Wangsgard, Swann and Poe.  It was lots of fun. Me and him helped tip trees over as she was cutting them. Almost hit a car that was passing by, and Elder Poe with a log as we are tossing them down. We did not have an axe so we broke all the branches off using a baseball bat. Had to play tug of war with another tree because the one we cut down got stuck in it so we had to pick it up and pull on it.  After we got the truck loaded up we went down a little ways and had dinner. Dinner was a hotdog and
bratwurst roast over a fire. So we all smelled like we went camping.

After that most of our evenings are spent at the Walton’s house doing service for them on their house. Helping Brother Mickelson with is projects in the basement. We have done lots of finding and it is starting to pay off. Same with entering people into the area book planner app. Got 2 new investigators today at the Olavason’s, all her children were there for the lesson and seemed interested.

Saturday was an interesting day.  We had no lessons today, but we had all our meals payed for by other people. Lunch by the guy in front of us in line.  And at dinner because the Bair’s gave us $40 for dinner and when we got to the place someone else gave us $40 for dinner. Then when we went to check out someone else payed for our bill. Then we went to grandmas and that’s always fun and a good time.

Sunday was a good day at church, the Olavason girl that is not a member came. Max (a resist convert) taught a good lesson today in his own funny way. Finally contacted one of our referrals today and set up a time to meet her. Our dinner was appointment was sick so they dropped off some food for us, and that was good because we are out of food to eat. Meet with the Strictland’s and they have lots of friends that need the gospel in their life. It over all was a good week.

As I was reading though the Book of Mormon this week I noticed that all the righteous kings say something like this.

19 – And I, myself, with mine own hands, did help to bury their dead. And behold, to our great sorrow and lamentation, two hundred and seventy-nine of our brethren were slain.

10 – And it came to pass that we did go up to battle against the Lamanites; and I, even I, in my old age, did go up to battle against the Lamanites. And it came to pass that we did go up in the strength of the Lord to battle.

They themselves worked and severed others and is with the people in everything that they do. This is king Zeniff from the book of Mosiah, then in his old age passes off his kingdom to his son Noah. And the wicked
king Noah doesn’t do much, besides tell the people what to do and takes 1/5 of everything from everyone.  Most of my week has been doing service, and because of that we have had many blessings poured out upon us this week.

Elder Austin Griffin

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