What a week

What a week, this last week we got the area book planner app. So we have to go through the binder and put it all on the app. Just figuring it out and then to have old people (investigators) put in and show up as new investigators took most of the week. Just getting everything to go in right was frustrating but we figured it out and we are done.

Zone meeting was this week, and it was really good. Our goal as a mission it to get 100 baptisms by the end of this year, and the last few months have been the best in the whole mission. Our goal for next year is 400. We talked a lot about how to find new people and how to do better at street contacting. Then for training we all went on campus at UW to practice contacting. We talked to a bunch of middle schoolers, because Elder Proffit
thought that they were in college. But we do know now that there is a middle and elementary school on campus.

Saturday morning we went down to Cheyenne to get our tire fixed, but they close at noon and we go there at 11:55. So we have to go back on Monday to get our tire. When we got back all our appointment canceled on us. Then we had no luck meeting people. It was a really bad day. But Sunday was really good, after sacrament meeting some lady from out of town told us that she has two people for us to so see. Because her car broke down and she got talking with the people who were helping her and they seem interested.

This scripture stuck out to me during my studies. “Wherefore, with the help of these, King Benjamin, by laboring with all the might of his body and the faculty of his whole soul, and also the prophets, did once more establish peace in the land.” This reminded me of President Monson at conference, how he worked so hard to stay up to finish his talk and his goal is to bring peace in our lives. And to live a more Christ centered life because the world is spinning faster and if we are not centered we will go flying.

Elder Austin Griffin