Flat Tire – October 5th 2015

Our week was not too eventful, besides getting a flat tire in the middle of nowhere. Still sporting the spare tire because the mission office has not called us back yet. I went on exchanges with my Zone Leaders. Their day was packed full of lessons, unlike us who are trying to find people to teach. One of the people I met while on exchanges was a resent convert of 2 years. He shared his story about his struggles with drinking and how he overcame it. This was when I learned something. He talked about how we take for granted the Holy Ghost and what he truly is. He is a member of the God head (just ponder that for a moment and think about what that really means). Every time we feel the Holy Ghost, we need to stop and let him into our hearts and let him change us for the better, and you will always remember these experiences. He went from an alcoholic to being sober and he is going to get married in the next year after he finishes getting things in order. You are never alone, even in your time of greatest despair. He is always there with you. You just have to let him in.

Otherwise, our week has been full of people not home or canceling on us. Also the weather has turned, it has been in the 60s to low 30s, and lots of thunderstorms. Since most of the roads in my area are not paved I’ve been getting really muddy and had to walk through water. General conference was amazing. A lot fit in with what this guy shared with me earlier this week. So you could probably guess what talks were my favorites. On top of all this I have had a cold all week. So I have been in and out of it all week. I forgot my camera, so I will send pictures later.

Elder Austin Griffin

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