White Washed!

I had to leave the MTC at 4 in the morning on Tuesday, and my plane did not leave till 10. but getting to the airport was crazy. We took a bus, and two trains to get to the airport. At the MTC they give you passalong cards to hand out while traveling. Every one at the airport is Mormon and everyone around me on the plane were missionary’s. There was a total of 23 of us going to Fort Collins colorado. There were so many of us we all could not stay at the mission home. And that night we had a fireside with 4 recent converts and they told us their story’s. The next day we meet our trainers, my trainer is Elder Proffit. we are in Laramie Wyoming the coldest place in Wyoming and university of Wyoming is here. We are in the snowy range ward, it’s the family ward of Laramie. The ward is such a friendly ward, it’s just awesome, And the ward mission leader is amazing, he is on top of everything and goes out with us at least once a week. He puts in so much effort and try’s so hard, he would be the golden ward mission leader- Which has been nice because me and Elder Proffit were “white washed”, which means we are both new to the area. And plus the missionary’s before us didn’t keep an up to date area book, and this weekend was stake conference and general conference is soon so it’s been really crazy. When you put your trust in the Lord you can get a lot of things done, and I have been seeing that this past week while playing catch-up. Plus the missionary’s before us did not keep a vary clean apartment, so we’ve been cleaning a lot too.

Elder Proffit

Size of our Ward

Outside our apartment

This is Wyoming!

Our bathtub