From the MTC

The MTC (Missionary Training Center) is a very different place. The days are long but the week has gone by fast. I have never been so excited to have gym time in my life, because most of the day is sitting in the same class room. The food here might kill me, but they do have nice bathrooms! There is also an Elder who is 7″2′ and it is fun to watch him try to get through doors.

My companion is Elder Murphy, who is from Columbus Georgia. He likes to talk a lot and has a good dedication and testimony.

I had a chance to see a movie on Sunday and it was about the character of Christ by Elder Bednar. His talk was about Christ and in his hardest times he turned outwards to other people and not into himself. Like when He was on the cross and asked the Holy Ghost to comfort Mary. Elder Bednar went on to tell this story about this woman back when he was a stake president. He received a phone call from this sister that these girls were in a really bad accident. One was dead, the other two were on their way to the hospital and that he needed to identify the girls. When he was on the phone with this women, she found out that the one girl who was dead was her only daughter. And the next thing out of her mouth was to call the other Moms of the other girls and make sure that they knew their girls were all right.

And this woman was the Relief Society President, and one of the ladies in her ward called and complained about how she was sick and no one had brought her food, so on the way to her daughter’s funeral, she dropped off food for this sister that was complaining to her. As we come converted to the Gospel we turn outwards to others instead of inwards in our times of need.

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